Friends and Supporters

Those who make Calm Events in the City possible

Friends and Supporters

03 Oct, 2013

There are so many who have contributed and continue to contribute to calm events in the city – and certainly too many to mention here!

Some include those mentioned on the websites:


Without an amazing team of volunteers and an incredible amount of goodwill – no Calm in the City activities or initiatives events would happen – so we are extremely grateful to all of you.

We all contribute to spreading calm in our own ways – but we particularly acknowledge those who have turned up to our large peace meditation events where we so value coming together as one community from all walks of life.

Finally, extra special thanks to all those who turn up to our weekly meditations at Federation Square every Thursday morning in the Atrium come rain or shine – you know who you are – thank you so much for creating such a safe space for all who come to these meditations.